11 November 2010 - SNFC 2010

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Hello Skaters!

Been eons since we last updated. Apologies due to us having extremely hectic schedules in school/work, not to mention training up for the upcoming Nationals! Please be reminded that SNFC 2010 will take place on the 13th of November this weekend @ Sembawang Megacourt (in front of Sembawang MRT Station). All the best to those taking part!

Anyway here are the results from the last comp held in Korea (WFSC 2010):

World Freestyle Skating Championships 2010

Pair Slalom:
4th - Singapore - Tan Kah Ming & Bryan James Kwa

Classic Slalom:
10th - Singapore - Clarence Cheung
15th - Singapore - Tan Kah Ming
20th - Singapore - Bryan James Kwa

Speed Slalom (Men):
17th - Singapore - Jireh Goh En Ci

Slide (Men):
1st - Singapore - Goh En Mu Rohi
2nd - Singapore - Lim Wei Quan Gabriel
6th - Singapore - Thong Yew Tai
8th - Singapore - Goh En Ci Jireh
9th - Singapore - Wong Jia Wei Ernest
10th - Singapore - Tan Zhi Zhong

Slide (Ladies):
1st - Singapore - Chew Rui Jun Rebecca
2nd - Singapore - Quek Zi Yi
4th - Singapore - Ong Yu Ting Felicia


31 August 2010 - Korea, Here We Come!

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Good afternoon skaters!

As promised, here's a final post before we leave for Korea for the World Freestyle Skating Championships & ChunCheon Leisure Games! Wishing all the best to those leaving tonight, and the rest of us leaving tomorrow morning!

Skaters Representing Singapore:

- Jireh Goh
- Rohi Goh
- Ernest Wong
- Rebecca Chew
- Felicia Ong
- Kwek Zi Yi
- Gabriel Lim
- Yew Tai

- Clarence Cheung
- Bryan James Kwa (BJK)
- Tan Kah Ming

- Tan Kah Ming & Bryan James Kwa

- Jireh Goh
- Rebecca Chew
- Gabriel Lim
- Clarence Cheung
- Bryan James Kwa
- Tan Kah Ming

Please give them your fullest support! =D

Honestly, I'm like 50% nervous, 50% sexcited. Can't wait to see all 'em skaters from overseas again! Heard the standard's bumped a notch or two higher so we'll find out when we get there!

Meanwhile, those back in Singapore, train hard and train smart! We'll see you when we get back in about two weeks! (:

Quick update on the Haining competition results:

Pair Slalom:
2nd - Singapore - Clarence & Terence Cheung (WHOO!!!)

Classic Slalom:
10th - Singapore - Clarence Cheung
11th - Singapore - Terence Cheung

Speed Slalom (Ladies):
3rd - Singapore - Rebecca Chew (WHOO!!!)

Also, BJK Productions together with Singapore Slalomers created a really short test video over the weekend for one of our very own local slalom girls', Krystal Teo! Sorry, I'm pretty rusty; it's been almost half a year since I touched filming/editing per se. Well, enjoy and see you when we see you! (:


25 August 2010 - One Month!

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Hello skaters!

Yes! It's been EXACTLY one month since our last post! I'm finally done with my internship so it's skating in full-swing! Sorry for the delay, anyway =3

Updates, updates!

Recently, Tan Kah Ming came in 4th for Men's Freestyle Classic Slalom @ the Thailand Slalom Series! Three thumbs up for him for doing Singapore & his Alma Mater (Ngee Ann Polytechnic) proud! (:

Upcoming, upcoming!

A couple of our skaters just left for Haining, China today for yet another freestyle competition.

They include:

- Ernest Wong
- Rebecca Chew
- Jasper Kicksyourass
- Clarence Cheung
- Terence Cheung

Wishing them all the best!

Also, the prestigious World Freestyle Skating Championships and ChunCheon Leisure Games are scheduled to take place over the course of next week! Good luck and godspeed to all those taking part! I'll update before we leave for Korea so keep a look out ^^

Keep rooooollin'!



Yo, yo, skaters!

Congratulations to all those who took part in the 14th Asian Roller Skating Championships 2010 at Taiwan! Especially, to Terence Cheung who clinched a 3rd placing in the men's speed slalom category! Three thumbs up for Singapore! Stay tuned for more results and all the best to Tan Kah Ming representing Singapore in slalom at Thailand the next weekend!


- 1st - Su Fei Qian (CHN)
- 2nd - Hsiao Wan Ju (TW)
- 3rd - Lai Yin Fan (TW)
- 4th - Liang Hsuan Min (TW)
- 5th - Ma Wing Yan (HK)
- 6th - Tang Yuk Wah (HK)

- 1st - Lan Wang Heng (CHN)
- 2nd - Huang Yu Ping (TW)
- 3rd - Lee Choong Goon (KOR)
- 4th - Hsieh Mu Lun (TW)
- 5th - Hsiao Ching Yen (TW)
- 6th - Ma Pak Hong (HK)
- 7th - Kit Shing Cheng (HK)
- 8th - Cheung Yin Ming (HK)

- 1st - Kim Sung Jin (KOR)
- 2nd - Guo Fang (CHN)
- 3rd - Kim Tae Bin (KOR)
- 4th - Gao Lin Da (TW)
- 5th - Cheung Terence (SIN)
- 6th - Do Ji Hwan (KOR)
- 7th - Wang Shen Wen (TW)
- 8th - Ang Bok Seng, Shondy (SIN)
- 9th - Ow Yong Chuan Cher, Carlson (SIN)
- 10th - Cheung Kai Yan (HK)
- 11th - Yu Jia Hong (TW)
- 12th - Chan Yin Lok (HK)
- 13th - Ratchasee Siprasert (THA)
- 14th - Sorapol Bunchit (THA)
- 15th - Wong Man Chun (HK)
- 16th - Lim Lay Sik (MY)

- 1st - Kim Sung Jin (KOR)
- 2nd - Guo Fang (CHN)
- 3rd - Cheung Terence (SIN)
- 4th - Chiu Chun Kai (TW)
- 5th - Leung Shun Yan (HK)
- 6th - Chen Ping Kai (TW)
- 7th - Carlson Ow Yong (SIN)
- 8th - Lim Lay Sik (MY)
- 9th - Kim Tae Bin (KOR)
- 10th - Cheng Chee Siang (MY)
- 11th - Ang Bok Seng, Shondy (SIN)
- 12th - Wong Man Chun (HK)
- 13th - Do Ji Hwan (KOR)
- 13th - Cheng Yu Sheng (TW)
- 13th - Chan Yin Lok (HK)
- 13th - Sorapol Bunchit (THA)
- 13th - Ratchasee Siprasert (THA)

- 1st - Kim Tae Bin / Kim Sung Jin (KOR)
- 2nd - Do Ji Hwan / Lee Choong Goon (KOR)
- 3rd - Guo Fang / Lan Wang Heng (CHN)
- 4th - Wang Shen Wen / Wang Shih Yu (TW)
- 5th - Ow Yong Chuan Cher, Carlson / Ang Bok Seng, Shondy (SIN)
- 6th - Gao Lin Da / Huang Yu Hsuan (TW)
- 7th - Leung Shun Yan / Ng Vincent Yuen Hei (HK)
- 8th - Lim Lay Sik / Cheng Chee Siang (MY)

~BJK (:

13 July 2010 - July, July!

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Hello, Skaters!

Competition fever is creeping up upon us! Anyway here're a few videos of the latest competition in Korea to keep you guys occupied and spark your creative juices for your own routines!

Also, stay tuned for the upcoming Youth Olympic Games as 15 freestyle skaters take the stage and perform for your very entertainment at Marina Reservoir and East Coast Park (:



1st - Kim Sung Jin

2nd - Do Ji Hwan

3rd - Kim Tae Bin

29 June 2010 - YJS @ Taiwan

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Hello, Skaters!

Another of our Korean friends, Yu Jin Sung, pulling off a spectacular routine as usual. Sorry but if anyone knows the exact name of this competition in Taiwan (video below), do let me know and I'll update it! Two thumbs up for this one!

Also, all the best to our local skaters taking part in the Asian Roller Skating Championships (Taiwan) in July and those taking part in the Thailand Slalom Series (Thailand, Bangkok)!

21 June 2010 - Skating (The other one)

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Hey Peeps,

Something a few of us inline skaters have been during when taking our interval breaks from slalom. It's pretty stress-relieving, I must say, and I personally feel it's helping in my slalom especially when "turning my body/shoulders/head" before my legs for certain tricks!


Slalom videos will be streaming in soon after the upcoming competitions are over!

Enjoy the last week of holidays, poly/jc kids!